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Rain gutters are more than just a way to keep rain flowing off a roof; they are an essential component of keeping a building's foundation safe from water damage and erosion. Gutters can also help to keep crawl spaces and basements dry as well as prevent water damage to windows and doors.

Gutters work by providing a channel to funnel water away from a roof and allowing it to drain away from the base of a building via a downspout. Downspouts usually run from the top of a building to its base where water flows out and into the ground or into a sewer. It is essential that gutters and downspouts are kept clear of debris, or they can become clogged.

If gutters or downspouts become clogged, water won't flow freely through them. This can cause damage to the gutters and lead to overflows, which may allow water to soak into the foundation. To prevent these types of problems from occurring, a Westerville Roofing company can provide professional cleaning services.

Since leaves are one of the most common sources of clogs in gutters, it is normally recommended that people have cleaning done in the summer and fall. However, some people may find that they need this done more often, especially if they have pine trees around their home.

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Gutters should be cleaned whenever there may be a clog to prevent leaking and other problems from occurring.

Gutters can be made of a number of types of materials. The most common are aluminum, copper, steel and vinyl. As with any building material, there are pros and cons. Copper and stainless steel tend to be the most expensive, but they also have the benefits of never rusting and being considered attractive materials. It is important to note that galvanized steel is only resistant to rust, and it is not uncommon for this to become an issue after about a decade.

Vinyl is a fairly inexpensive option, and gutters made of this material do not rust, but they can become brittle over time, especially in cold weather. The most popular material for gutters is aluminum. Aluminum doesn't rust, is inexpensive and is available in thicknesses that are recommended for areas that have heavy snowfall.

Although gutters can usually last for many years, they may eventually need to be replaced, especially if they have begun to rust. A professional roofing service can provide assistance in determining if a new gutter is needed and what the options are for replacement.

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