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It is extremely important that homeowners are aware of what their roofing warranty covers. While many manufacturers offer warranties that promise 30 to 50 years of coverage, homeowners might think that if an issue arises with their roof they will be taken care of. The longer the extent of the warranty, the more likely it is that the material the manufacturer produces is made very well. However, homeowners should be aware that there are certain conditions and exclusions that might apply in the warranty terms. Manufacturer and installation warranties cover two different things; homeowners can contact a Westerville roofing contractor to discuss what the company's warranty specifically covers, and there are a few details about manufacturer warranties that should always be considered.

Homeowners should understand that warranties might be prorated, meaning that compensation might be reduced based on how many years have passed since the product was installed. Roof warranties also usually only cover certain conditions, such as product defects or wind resistance.

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There may be additional terms that must be adhered to as well; for example, if the company covers wind resistance and shingles blow off after a storm, the company might ask the homeowner to offer proof that the shingles were installed according to their specific instructions. They may also obtain proof that the shingles were not blown off by winds that exceeded their warranty limits.

There is usually a short amount of time during which homeowners must notify the company about damage that occurred. In some cases, if the homeowner files a claim, the company may only offer replacement parts instead of compensation. Homeowners should be aware that warranties often only cover issues that are caused by manufacturing defects and not deterioration in general or failure of the product to last the extent of the warranty.

Homeowners are encouraged to determine what types of issues are not covered by their warranty, which may include issues that stem from inadequate ventilation or faulty installation. For example, if the shingles were installed to the manufacturer's exact specifications but the starter strip was not, the company may deny coverage.

Homeowners should always keep documents and receipts in case an issue arises in the future. It is not recommended to invest in a roofing product simply because the lifetime warranty is 60 years long. The fine print should be carefully read so that all of the specific terms outlined in the warranty are understood.

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