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There are many home improvements that homeowners are excited to spend their time and money on, such as new landscaping or a kitchen or a bathroom remodel. A new roof, although important, doesn't quite excite the average homeowner. However, homeowners who neglect their roofs will be left to deal with the possibility of increased energy bills, costly leaks, and premature aging of the roof system. Here are some facts and tips all homeowners should know about their roofs.

Knowing when to call a professional roofer is important for all homeowners who should complete a visual inspection of their own roofs at least two times per year. If the homeowner finds streaking stains on their shingles, missing shingles, buckled or curled shingles, or shingles that are missing their granules, a Westerville roofing professional should be consulted. Other reasons to call in a professional roofer include an increase in energy bills over time, rusted flashings, water stains in the attic, or even obvious moss or mold growth on the surface of the roof.

In order to properly maintain the roof, the homeowner should clean the ventilation system and exhaust vents to be sure they are free of dust and cobwebs. They should also remove leaves and any other debris that builds up in gutters.

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This will prevent them from damming up, overflowing, and potentially causing damage to the roof or other areas of the home. Keeping limbs and branches trimmed well away from the roof can help protect it from damages and leaks.

Although homeowners frequently forget about their own roofs, other people may notice their roofs. In fact, roofs on average account for 40 percent of the visual exterior of a home. A roof replacement is one of the top 10 valuable home improvement projects. When selling a home, the homeowner can potentially recoup nearly 60 percent of their roofing costs when all is said and done. The roof is a major investment and an important system at the home. When installed properly with quality materials and workmanship, a roof can last a minimum of 20 years.

Homeowners should pay attention if several neighbors replace their roofs. This is because homes in the same neighborhood often have roofs of the same age that have been exposed to the same weather elements and wear and tear. If many homes within the same neighborhood are getting a roof replacement, it's likely that several others also need it.

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