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A roof should last 20 to 30 years at minimum, depending on the quality of workmanship and materials used to install it. This means choosing the right material for a new roof is crucial. Selecting the wrong material for a new roof can cost extra time and money for a homeowner. Westerville roofing specialists recommend that homeowners consider a few important factors.

Above all else, homeowners need to consider their local building codes and homeowners' association covenants prior to selecting a roofing material. Oftentimes, cities and homeowners' associations will outlaw certain types of materials like wood due to its flammability. They may also require all homes to have the same types of roofs for uniformity. If a homeowner does not research the local regulations that they must abide by before signing on the dotted line for a new roof, they may be disappointed and find themselves out of a significant amount of money.

The next important factor of consideration for homeowners is their budget. It is wise for homeowners to set a budget for their new roofing material and stick to it. They should also take into account any money they might be receiving from their homeowner's insurance company if they have filed a claim for damages. Along with the budget, the homeowner should think about how long they want their roof to last.

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The least expensive roofing materials are usually the ones with the shortest life spans. For homeowners who can afford it, choosing a moderately priced roofing material may be a better investment.

Homeowners who may be interested in selling their homes in the near future should highly consider curb appeal and return on investment when choosing a roofing material. Certain roof types have a higher return on investment than others. For instance, in some areas of the country, metal roofs can have an 80 to 90 percent return on investment. Curb appeal is also important as homeowners want their homes to look as good as possible before they go on the market. Depending on the colors and architectural structure of the home, some roofing materials can add more curb appeal than others.

Maintenance and care can be a big factor for some homeowners. For example, wood shakes and wood shingles can be high maintenance while metal roofs are usually low maintenance. There may be people who enjoy the care and maintenance of their homes while others do not want to perform any care at all. Homeowners can speak to their roofing contractor to find out exactly how much maintenance and care each roofing material may require.

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