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Many homeowners who are experiencing problems in their roof are concerned with their budget. Roofing contractors might have to completely replace the roof, but in some situations, it is possible to simply restore it, which is essentially the process of adding to the existing roof. However, in order for a restoration to be a viable option, it must provide excellent longevity, and the existing roof must be structurally sound. The contractor may deem that certain portions of the existing roof must be removed and replaced in order for the restoration process to be effective. There are certain issues that should be taken into consideration before deciding to recover a roof as opposed to tearing off the existing structure and building from scratch. Homeowners can contact a Westerville roofing expert in order to determine which method would be best suited for their roof.

The benefits of roof restoration vary, but one of the most attractive components is cost. It can be very expensive to tear off a roof, and the process can take twice as long. If the roof has previously been recovered, local building codes might mandate that the homeowner remove all of the existing materials beforehand. If the roof is in good condition and the contractor decides it can be restored, the process can be achieved for a fraction of the cost of tearing off and reroofing, and many contractors offer great warranties.

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Another benefit is that the roof can simply be cleaned and a new topcoat can be reapplied after the warranty expires because the contractor will not have to do any prep work again, which preserves the integrity of the roof. Restoration is the more environmentally friendly option.

A common misconception about roof restoration is that it is not a durable solution. Many homeowners might be under the impression that highly engineered roof coats are comparable to generic products that are available at any home improvement store. The two could not be more different, however. Roof coats are designed to be durable, and an experienced professional must apply the coating in order for it to be properly installed.

Another misconception about roof restoration is that it accumulates dirt easily, resulting in diminished solar reflectance. However, just as technology has greatly improved over the past decade, roof coatings are the same. Many new coatings resist dirt accumulation, and if the roof is cleaned annually, solar reflectance should not be a major issue for the homeowner.

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