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Metal roofs are a viable option for many homeowners. In fact, for those living in areas prone to ice, snow, or severe weather, they can be the preferred roofing material. Metal roofs can also be a top choice for those who prefer an environmentally friendly option. Here are a few bits of basic information about metal roofs that homeowners should learn and talk about with their Westerville roofing specialist.

Metal roofs are the only truly eco-friendly roofing option in the industry. This is because they use the least amount of resources during the manufacturing process, do not contain any petroleum byproducts, and can be recycled. Metal roofs can also be crafted from recycled metal. They can contain anywhere between 30 and 60 percent of recycled metal content. In fact, they can be recycled an unlimited number of times without being impacted by material degradation. In addition, homeowners have the option to take their eco-friendly rules even further by installing solar panels.

Metal roofs are also a great option when it comes to energy efficiency. They can help homeowners decrease their annual home energy bills by as much as 25 percent. According to an independent study by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, homeowners can save up to 40 percent in home cooling costs during the summer months and 10 to 15 percent during the winter on heating costs by using a strapping system of 4 inches between the plywood and the metal on top.

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Metal roofs are resistant to infestations from animals and insects. FEMA recommends the use of metal roofs in areas that are prone to severe weather and natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods. Mini metal roofs are built to withstand winds of 110 to 160 miles per hour. Metal roofs are also ideal for climates that see a lot of ice and snow. Homeowners can even add snow guards on metal roofs to prevent the sliding of snow onto the ground. Additionally, metal roofs can withstand impact from falling objects such as limbs and hail.

Low-maintenance requirements are another benefit of metal roofs. Most metal roofs can be washed with water. They will need their fasteners replaced or tightened about every 10 to 15 years. Some metal roofs will also need to be repainted about every 25 years. The life span of a metal roof will depend on the type of metal used. However, most metal roofs will last at least 50 years.

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