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Central Ohio is no stranger to severe weather and hailstorms. These storms can deliver a powerful punch and can cause considerable amounts of damage to homes, buildings and vehicles. Homeowner's insurance companies often pay a majority of claims due to roofing problems caused by hailstones. Experienced Westerville roofing contractors can help a homeowner determine the difference between functional damage and cosmetic issues that are left behind after a hailstorm passes through the area.

Being able to tell the difference between a functional issue and a cosmetic one is essential to preserving the durability and lifespan of the roof. A roofing system with only cosmetic problems does not necessarily need to be replaced. If it has functional issues, however, the insurance company will typically pay for the repairs or replacement. Insurance policies will not cover the cost of repairs for cosmetic concerns unless the homeowner can prove that the damage caused a financial loss, such as lowering the home's resale value.

Functional problems with a roof after a hailstorm can vary depending on the exterior covering. Asphalt shingles usually show significant granule loss. The shingles may have holes or be pitted where the hailstones hit them.

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Wood shakes will showcase cracking after a hailstorm. Metal roofs may have pitting and denting. Clay, slate and concrete tiles may crack if the hailstones were large. Vent covers and chimney caps may have pitting, dents or cracks. On the roof's perimeter, gutters may show denting. Downspouts may also be dented or pitted.

When the damage is not severe enough to interfere with a roof's intended functions, it is classified as cosmetic. After a hailstorm, one of the most common cosmetic concerns for a roof is discoloration. This is most evident on roofs that are dark in color, such as black asphalt shingles. Houses with shingled roofs may also have a small loss of granules. The impact of the hail stones can knock off some of the granules but not enough to cause a decrease in the roof's performance. Painted roofs and those with ceramic or epoxy coatings could receive some scratches or marring of the finish.

Another common aesthetic issue after a hailstorm is denting. Small dents on a material like metal are obvious when looking at the house from the curb. A house with a premium copper roof may incur both cosmetic damage from the dents and a considerable loss of value due to the change in appearance.

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