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Roofs are one of the most important systems that exist to protect a home. Damage to a roof could cause problems for items inside the home and the structure of the home itself. Homeowners who are aware of the most common roofing issues can take better care of their roofs and know when to take action by calling a Westerville roofing professional.

Ice buildup in winter can problematic in colder climates. Otherwise referred to as an ice dam, it happens when snow near the top of the roof melts and trickles further down the roof only to refreeze due to the overhang of the roof being cooler. This causes water to back up on the dam and leave the roof and home vulnerable to extreme damage. In order to prevent this problem, homeowners should speak with a roofing professional to ensure that they have proper insulation, proper underlayment and proper ventilation. This 3-step approach can significantly decrease the risk posed by ice dams.

Flashings are metal pieces used to connect pieces of the roof at intersections and projections. They are found at chimneys, pipes, valleys, vent stacks and vertical walls. Over time, flashings can break down, lose their effectiveness and cause leaks in these areas. Roofing professionals can check the flashings to be sure they are sealed and working correctly.

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Chimneys are another common problem area on a roof, due in part to flashings that have gone bad but also due to the lack of a saddle. Not all chimneys have a saddle. Those without one are prone to pooling water, which can cause leaks and even mildew infestations. Homeowners who are unsure if they have a saddle on their chimney should hire a roofing professional to find out and get one installed if necessary.

A lot can go wrong with shingles on a roof as well. They can become dislodged or even blown off the roof if they are not securely attached or are exposed to high winds or other extreme weather conditions. Shingles that are losing their granules, cracked, curling or buckling are also a reason to call a professional roofer.

Finally, valleys are areas of the roof where two planes intersect. These areas see the most exposure to water, as water on the roof will meet here to flow off of the roof and into the gutters. If the underlayment and shingles are not installed properly in the valleys, these areas can see a lot of damage.

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