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When experienced Westerville roofing contractors are inspecting a home's roof, they try to access the attic space of the house. In this area, they will look for signs of excessive moisture, mold growth, splitting wood, and other problems. If they find an issue of concern, the contractors will give homeowners an explanation of the problem and a list of solutions.

Once the contractors have gained entry into the attic, they will check the structural integrity of the roof's wooden support system. The roofers will examine the wood for signs of warping, splitting, and cracking. They will also inspect for signs of damage caused by wood-destroying insects. If there is fungi, mold, or mildew growth, the roofers may collect samples and send them to a laboratory for testing of the organism. If there are any signs of water stains, such as dark spots, rusty-colored streaks, or white dots, the roofers will use a moisture meter to see if there is still water present within the wood. If the wood has absorbed water, the roofers may then use an infrared camera to help locate the source of the leak.

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This technology is helpful because water will take the path of least resistance, so the location of the damage is not necessarily where the leak is located.

Another area in the attic that requires inspection is the insulation. Any insulation that is wet should be removed and replaced. This is because wet insulation facilitates the growth of potentially toxic molds that can be harmful to the occupants of the home. Damp insulation is also ineffective at resisting the transfer of heat. The roofers will also measure the thickness of the insulation to determine if the home meets the U.S. Department of Energy's recommended R-value based on the home's construction, location, and age.

Roofers are also concerned about any vents or openings within the attic space. In some cases, bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans may improperly ventilate within the attic instead of opening to the outdoors through a capped vent in the roof's surface. When one of these fans releases its air and moisture into the attic, damage can build up over time.

Roofers also inspect for poor structural connections. They will check for any broken or sagging sheets of plywood, trusses, or joists. Other areas of inspection include the fasteners, blockage of soffit vents by insulation, and damaged or missing underlay. The contractors may also check for the presence of screens to keep birds and insects from entering through intake and exhaust vents.

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