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Ohio Roofing Solutions offers many different styles of vinyl siding that can help protect a house from the passage of time. Their professional installers can quickly and efficiently cover and trim the exterior of a home. Their staff will help the homeowner choose what type of siding choice they need to have the look that they want.

The standard vinyl siding has the appearance of wood slats. The visible slats can appear to be a number of different widths, depending on the appearance that is desired. The actual pieces of siding lock together to prevent water seepage and to keep insects from nesting in the seams. It is available in several colors and can be purchased with or without wood grain.

If a home's walls are not even and flat, the standard siding can follow the bumps in the wall and give a wavy appearance. By using solid core siding, these waves will appear smoothed out. The siding has a foam core that makes it more rigid. This core has the added benefit of helping to insulate the house. Because it is solid, it is also more resistant to storm damage caused by hail or small stones. It comes in many of the same styles and colors of standard vinyl siding.

If the homeowner wants a more rustic appearance, they have the option of vinyl log or shake siding. These sidings are molded from actual logs or shakes to give them a realistic look. Unlike real wood, the vinyl imitations do not offer insects a way to infest a house. They also have a better insulation R value than the real thing. They come in a range of colors designed to simulate stained wood.

Ohio Roofing Solutions is dedicated to making the installation process as pleasant for the customer as possible. They are a part of the same communities as the homes they service and have always tried to give something back. To that end, they donate $500 from every siding job to the charity of the homeowner's choice. This is their way of building a better future for all.

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