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Gutters are an effective way to remove moisture from a roof and to channel water flow away from the home. Gutters can help a property owner avoid costly repairs by removing excess water quickly from a roof as well as by guiding the flow of water away from vulnerable areas of the home. The use of gutter guards is often a great way to increase the effectiveness of a building's gutters and ensure that the gutter system works as effectively as possible.

Rainwater can easily collect at the base of a building and seep into the ground around the foundation. When water continually pools at the base of the building and works its way into the structure of the foundation, it can lead to cracks and other damage. In some cases, the runoff from a building can eventually lead to foundation collapse or weaken the ground around the structure. Additionally, runoff can affect the soffits, fascia boards and even the facade of the building itself, leaving ugly streaks or actually wearing away important building surfaces over time.

While it is clear that gutters are important, it is also necessary that the gutter system works effectively. Leaves, twigs, dirt, roofing runoff and other debris can all accumulate in gutters and eventually lead to clogging. This means that water will stay in the gutters instead of flowing cleanly through. Standing water can be a problem for many reasons including mold and mildew growth as well as cause damage to the roof structure.

The key to keeping water flowing is to keep gutters clean, and the best way to do that is to install gutter guards on top of the gutter system. A gutter guard is a thin, flexible filter that fits snugly on top of the gutter itself. This filter allows debris to collect on top of the gutter and to be washed away easily while water flows through the gutter itself and to the nearby downspout. With the addition of gutter guards, Ohio Roofing Solutions can help property owners make the most of their gutter systems and protect their valuable investment.

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