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In addition to their residential services, the group provides business owners with a variety of commercial roofing installations and replacements. While most commercial buildings are outfitting with flat roofs, it does not mean that customers will have fewer choices for surfacing options. Business owners will have a few roofing systems that they can select for installation, based on their budget and what qualities will benefit their property.

A built up roof is one of the most common installations that this group provides. It consists of tar and gravel, constructed from at least three plies of waterproof material. This system alternates between hot tar and layers of ballasting smooth river stone, which is designed to be weatherproof and mitigate physical damage. This type of roofing was once made with tar paper, but over time, more advanced materials have allowed it to be installed with stronger options that added additional durability and strength to the roof's surface. This roofing system is fire resistant and is one of the cheapest installations available, although the joists beneath it may need to be strengthened in order to prevent the weight of the system from causing damage to the building.

Another option to consider is modified bitumen. This is a single ply rolled roof that is similar to a simple ice and water shield, only imbued with a mineral based weathering surface for additional protection. This system can be easy to install as it is a peel and stick material. The professionals will heat the adhesives as the material unrolls, creating the attachment to the roof. It provides the roof's surface with a reliable way to reflect heat and light.

EPDM is a rubber membrane that is commonly applied to flat roof surfaces. It is a durable material that is engineered specifically to last longer and resist heat damage better. It is usually anchored with fasteners, ballasts or glue. This roofing material is typically favored by business owners because it is highly resistant to tearing and scuffing. It is lightweight enough to avoid putting more strain on the joists. If leaks occur on its surface, they are often easy to patch as well.

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