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Working on a home's roof can be a dangerous job even for experienced Gahanna roofing contractors. One of the biggest safety concerns is proper ladder usage. Most roofers take several safety precautions when using a ladder. While performing roof work, the roofers will follow these common workplace and occupational safety guidelines.

Not all ladders are created equally. Some are safer than others and most contractors will have their favorite type for working on particular styles of houses. When using a telescoping ladder, the biggest hazard is pin failure. Because of this, these ladders are rarely used for outdoor applications. Other less commonly used ladders include step ladders due to their short elevation and single ladders due to their inability to be adjusted. Most roofers will carry extension, trestle and articulated ladders for performing inspections and making repairs.

In addition to choosing the best ladder for the type of task that needs to be done, contractors will also keep in mind the terrain where the ladder needs to be placed. On a sloped backyard, a trestle ladder may be needed. This type is useful for when the ladder's placement necessitates that one end of it be located on a higher ground level.

Before setting up the ladder, roofers will inspect it.

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They should look for rust, corrosion, cracks and residue. Roofers will also examine the ladder for chemicals, heat damage and other problems such as loose or missing parts.

There are several general safety rules that roofers use when setting up and using the ladder. No ladders will be placed in front of a door that anyone might open. The maximum load rating of a ladder will not be exceeded because this could cause rungs to bend or buckle. This precaution is important when bundles of shingles or tiles are being hoisted onto the roof's surface. Ladders should never be used for anything other than their intended purpose. In addition, contractors will never use a homeowner's ladder since there is no way to verify its safety or performance. Doing so could be a liability to their safety. Perhaps the most important rule is that only one person should use the ladder at a time.

The weather conditions also play a role in ladder safety. Ladders should never be used in windy, rainy, snowy or icy conditions. The ladder could slide along the roof's edge, its steps may get slippery and it could lose contact with the soil.

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