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Before local Gahanna roofing contractors begin work on a home, they will take a few moments to assess the safety conditions of the structure's perimeter and the roof's surface. Roofing is among the most dangerous jobs in the renovation and construction industry. A fall off of a single-story home can have devastating consequences. The following safety assessments are performed by roofers for their own protection and for the well-being of the homeowners.

The first area of concern that the contractors will check is the slope of the roof. A steeply pitched roof can be difficult to walk across even for a well-seasoned contractor. In general, roofers will be comfortable walking on asphalt up to an 8 to 12 pitch for a single story home and up to a 6 to 12 pitch for a two-story house. On a wood roof, they will feel safe on up to a 6 to 12 pitch. A 5 to 12 pitch for metal is the steepest that most roofers will walk on.

Another safety issue for roofers is the amount of traction that they will get between their feet and the roof's surface. Metal roofs have poor traction as do slate and clay tiles.

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Asphalt shingles deliver the most traction for roofers while wooden shakes offer moderate grip. The roofers will wear rubber-soled shoes to enhance their footing on the roof. Whether or not a roof is wet or dry is also important. A wet metal roof is very difficult to walk on, and most roofers will not work on such a surface until it is dry.

In some situations, roofers will have to work at the intersection of the home's walls and rooftop. This may be done for the installation of coping, gutters, downspouts, flashing, fascia or soffits. Roofers may also need to access these areas for checking and repairing vents and other roof protrusions. While not as dangerous as climbing the roof, hazards on the roof's surface like large blocks of ice or snow could pose a safety concern. The contractors will check to make sure that nothing could slide off of the roof while they are working along the edges.

When it is not possible to walk on a roof due to safety reasons, most roofers will access it by using a tall extension ladder. If the roof only requires inspection, they may even do it from the ground. For repairs and replacement projects, the roofers will remove the materials before walking on the surface.

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