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Gahanna Roofing: Article About Roof Snow Removal Protocol

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Every winter poses the potential for heavy snowfall in some areas. A Gahanna roofing professional knows that structural problems often arise right after a major storm. Homeowners shouldn't be concerned if their roof is consistently holding a few inches of snow, but removal may be required after those huge snowstorms.

The first step during any snow removal service is securing items outside. Although patio furniture and other items may already be moved indoors for the winter, there could be fragile things still in the snow's potential pathway. Contractors will move these articles out of the way before even inspecting the roof. Item removal is important to the contractor's safety, yet homeowners should refrain from helping the roofer. A lot of movement outdoors could cause snow to fall off the roof.

Using a roof rake, contractors carefully scrape the snow off the surface. These rakes may even have a small net attached that holds large snow chunks. Professionals access the roof with a ladder while removing as much snow as possible from the surface. If the surface isn't too slippery, professionals move onto the roof to remove snow closer to the peak. The roof won't be spotless after snow removal, but the shingles will be visible again.

Contractors have a chance to inspect the roof roughly after the removal service.

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They can find any cracks or gaps in the shingles that may cause potential leaks. Roofers cannot complete a shingle replacement service with snowy conditions, but they can patch certain areas. This patching process is merely temporary until the roof can be looked at again in spring. Contractors document all damage details so they can find the problems again and fix them permanently with a shingle replacement service.

Professionals also take advantage of this removal process to check the gutters. They'll remove any blockages preventing water flow to the ground. Any clogs contribute to ice damming possibilities, damaging shingles even further. With a clean bill of health between the roof surface and gutters, contractors provide peace of mind to homeowners even in the middle of winter.

It's imperative that homeowners stay away from roof eaves before and during a removal service. Snow can accidentally fall off the roof in large volumes before the professional arrives, causing possible injuries. While the professional works, loosened snow can still pose a problem if residents are moving around outside. It's best to stay indoors until the snow removal process has been completed and professionals deem the area safe to walk within.

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