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Columbus Roofing: Article About Wintertime and Roof Preventive Maintenance

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Packing away patio furniture and harvesting the garden are common household chores before winter's chill sets in. Homeowners may want to take the next step in their winter preparations by hiring a Columbus roofing professional. The autumn is a perfect time for a thorough rooftop inspection before snow and ice move into the area. Contractors can give the structure one last preventive maintenance appointment to prevent possible damages during winter storms.

Rooftop inspection is the main maintenance practice that keeps a structure safe from moisture damage. Contractors begin any appointment with a walk on the roof. They'll look for cracked or missing shingles along with any unusual features. Curled shingles could be arising from improper high nailing mistakes, for example. Any shingle anomalies must be repaired or replaced to keep moisture from seeping under their surfaces. Water damage, when widespread within a structure, involves expensive repairs.

The roof's eave is vulnerable to water damage because this area allows moisture to flow into nearby gutters. Contractors could install a drip edge along all eaves to prevent this problem from occurring. This "L" shaped metal piece connects to the roof's edge just below shingles. Any backed up water strikes the metal and not the roof decking below. Shingles still extend past the roof's edge, providing weathering protection and quality aesthetics.

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Along with a drip edge installation comes gutter maintenance. Roofers remove any debris from these channels, installing mesh covers in extreme cases. Water must flow off the roof efficiently, so gutter cleanliness is imperative to a healthy structure. Even gutter angles might be adjusted as well. Contractors verify proper slopes along horizontal lengths, so no low lying areas occur for puddling. All gutter fasteners are verified for stability, creating a strong system for winter's weather.

Homeowners may not be aware that rooftop ventilation is crucial to material longevity. Contractors inspect both soffit and ridge vents for any blockages. Painted vents are often a problem after spring and summer because the exterior may have been updated with a new color. Roofers inspect the ventilation shaft between the soffit and ridge when possible, ensuring air can flow up the channel with no problems. Strong rooftop air flow encourages a steady temperature across the entire material surface, even during winter.

Don't hesitate to contact professionals during the winter if roof issues arise. It's not impossible for contractors to work on the roof in January or February, for instance. Homeowners benefit with ample appointment times and shoring up the structure before any major damages can take hold.

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