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Midwestern winter weather can be harsh on roofs. Columbus roofing professionals are experts on keeping the home safe from damage during these long winter months. Snow and ice buildup can cause sagging, water damage and, in rare cases, complete roof collapse.

Every roof is different. Ideally, homeowners should contact a roofing expert before the first snow of the season and allow contractors to identify potential trouble spots. Barring this, there are three main problems that warrant further investigation. Snow build up, ice damming and gutter sagging are three big signs that indicate it might be time to call in an expert.

Snow build up can be concerning. According to Fema, one foot of snow on a roof can cause up to 21 pounds of pressure per square foot. Every roof is different, and the amount of weight a roof can withstand depends on many factors such as the age of the roof, the roof's pitch, the strength of the roof's trusses and rafters and structures on the roof, including vent fan exhausts and HVAC systems. Most modern roofs can withstand from 15 to 30 pounds of pressure per square foot.

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If an owner is concerned about the amount of snow on his or her roof, it is a good idea to call in a roofing professional to determine if snow removal is in order. This service can be performed by most roofing professionals for free or at a low cost.

Ice damming is another worry of winter. An ice dam can form on the edges of roofs or dormers and keep water from running off the roof. This trapped water pools and seeps in between the shingles, causing damage to insulation, roof structures and ceilings. Certain roof styles are more prone to ice damming than others. A homeowner should carefully walk around his or her house when snow or ice is starting to melt and look for water falling in large torrents over the sides of gutters or pools of water that don't seem to be moving. Roofing professionals can remove ice dams when they form, preventing further damage.

The weight of a winter's worth of ice and snow can cause gutters to pull away from the house. Gutters that are not properly connected allow water to leak down into the foundation of the house, causing permanent damage. A loose gutter should be repaired immediately to keep water running away from the house instead of allowing it to pool at the base of the house.

Winter weather can be hard on roofs. Owner vigilance and professional roofers can help keep roofs working properly in all seasons.

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