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Most roofing companies provide the majority of their services in the summer, when the weather conditions are right for household maintenance. After all, good weather is important when replacing a roof. While it's usually not possible to get a new roof during the winter in Ohio, there are still many services that a Columbus roofing company could provide homeowners during the winter season.

When the weather starts to turn cold, for instance, it's a good idea to have a contractor take a look at the roof to make sure that it's prepared for winter. An inspector can make sure that all the shingles are nailed down and in good enough condition to withstand the upcoming snowstorms. They can also clean out the gutters so that melting snow will be able to easily run off the roof.

Large amounts of snow on the roof have the potential to cause damage. If the snow is wet, there's an even greater cause for worry. While most roofs are built to withstand a normal load of snow for the area, discovering that the doors to the home are sticking can indicate a potential problem. A roofing company can come to the home and safely remove the snow from the roof.

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Some may feel that this is a "do it yourself" type of job, but the presence of snow and ice can make rooftops dangerous to walk on. A roofing professional can also ensure that there's no damage to the shingles when removing the snow.

Ice dams are probably one of the biggest problems those in the areas face during the winter months. Snow on the roof can melt and refreeze when it hits the gutters due to the temperature differences. Severe ice dams can cause water damage to the edges of the roof and can even become so heavy that they pull the gutters off, creating a dangerous situation below. Roofing companies can handle the removal of these ice dams in a safe way, and offer some tips for preventing them in the future.

When a home's roof has a problem during the winter, the homeowner doesn't have to wait until spring to solve the problem. While permanent solutions may not be possible at the time, a contractor can usually come in to make some temporary repairs. At the very least, this will prevent more serious damage from occurring.

Any homeowner who has concerns about the roof should feel free to call on a roofing company in the winter. It may not be a good time for the procedures involved in replacing the roof entirely, but an experienced company can definitely help with the minor repair issues that need addressing during the winter.

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