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A skylight is a type of fenestration that is installed in a ceiling or rooftop. They are an effective tool for adding architectural interest, visual appeal and a natural light source to the home. The placement of a skylight heavily influences how much and what kind of daylight it introduces into the home. Selecting skylight placement is a very important part of the planning process, as it is difficult to go back and make changes once pieces of the roof are cut out. There are some key factors for a Columbus roofing contractor to discuss with a homeowner regarding where to put a new skylight.

The higher a skylight is positioned, the more light it lets in. It is important to consider that the strength of the light is diminished by half for every meter that it penetrates into the home. Of course, very small or dark rooms lend themselves to skylights placed at almost any height. When placing more than one skylight in one area of the roof, it is a good idea to space them apart one to one and a half times the ceiling to floor height.

Where cool light is desired, it is ideal to place the skylight facing north. Illumination tends to remain fairly constant through north facing skylights. Those living in colder climates may wish to maximize heat gain.

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For this purpose, skylights on east or west facing roofs work very well. East facing roofs provide the most heat gain in the mornings, and west facing skylights provide maximum heat in the afternoon. South facing windows allow for more heat gain than skylights facing any other direction during the winter, but also tend to introduce unwanted heat gain in the summer.

In warmer climates where little or no heat gain is desired, skylights should be placed in areas of the roof that are moderately shaded by leaf shedding trees. Alternatively, a movable window covering may be placed inside or outside of the skylight. Special window glazes can also be used to help mitigate heat gain.

Skylights can be helpful in specific areas of the home where extra ventilation or light is desired. For example, bathrooms can benefit from the increased ventilation skylights provide. In bathrooms with very tall walls, it can be helpful to install an electric skylight that can open or close automatically. In the kitchen, skylights can be used as a creative alternative to windows to provide natural light while freeing up wall space for cabinetry and decorative wall hangings. Skylights are a must in converted attics, providing ventilation, light and a potential emergency escape route.

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