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When a gutter experiences a high level of weight, it can collapse and fall off the roof. Though some homeowners may think that they only need to replace their gutters once they see it collapse, there are some other signs that a replacement might be necessary. Gutters serve an important feature on a home. These pieces of metal or PVC carry water and debris that come off the roof along the side of the house and deposits the materials into the downspouts. Those downspouts then carry the debris further away from the home to prevent any type of foundation or wall damage. Columbus roofing professionals recommend that homeowners get a professional inspection of their gutters at least once a year to prevent unexpected repair bills later.

Once a gutter collapses, homeowners will need to replace the broken pieces. Though homeowners may not realize it, they can look for signs of sagging or bowing to repair the gutter before a replacement becomes necessary. The most common reason why a gutter will sag or bow is because of built up debris or an accumulation of water.

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This may occur because of a block near the downspout or because the gutter shifted due to excess snow or ice during the winter.

Prior to a gutter breaking or collapsing, it will often show signs of rusting or staining. Rusting affects gutters made from copper, aluminum, steel and other types of metal. Though manufacturers typically seal those gutters with a clear protective coating, the coating can wear off over time, especially when exposed to high levels of sunshine and rain. Any type of rust can lead to holes forming that allow water to pour through the gutters before reaching the downspouts. Staining often occurs because of debris that accumulated inside the gutters and often affects PVC and plastic models.

Replacing gutters on a home takes some hard work. Roofers will need to measure the length of each wall and the width of the existing gutters to ensure the new pieces fit with that existing system. They will then cut the pieces to the right sizes and install each piece on the home with thick gutter screws that keep the gutters from coming loose later. Roofers can also handle routine inspections that include an inspection of both the roof and gutters. A simple inspection done just once a year can save homeowners thousands or more in the long run and ensures that their gutters are in good working order.

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