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The growth of fungi, such as mildew, mold, and mushrooms, on roof shingles is common, and many Columbus roofing companies offer various cleaning services and other solutions designed to deal with fungal growth. For the homeowner who has never seen this kind of growth, its appearance can be quite startling, particularly when the growth appears overnight.

A fungus will not grow on roof shingles without the necessary conditions being present. Fungi require moisture, and shade and cool weather can provide the impetus for greater and faster growth. Fungal growth during summer is not unheard of, however, because sometimes high humidity and tree shade is enough. If a roof has a leak or is experiencing standing water, that can make growth more likely as well.

Although not fungi, moss and lichen are other growth that thrives in this environment as well. Algae, on the other hand, generally requires a significant amount of sunlight. If the fungal growth that a homeowner is experiencing is largely caused by excess moisture, then cutting away tree coverage to let in more sunlight can actually result in trading in a fungus problem for an algae problem.

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When choosing a course of action to deal with fungal growth, the most important factor is the chance of reoccurrence. If a stretch of bad weather has resulted in some mushrooms on the shingles and in the gutters, then a simple cleaning is likely the appropriate response. Homeowners can hire a roofer to clean the fungal growth away, and there are do-it-yourself options available at home improvement stores. Use of such a fungistat annually can be effective preventive maintenance.

If the fungal presence is extensive or the cause is unknown, then hiring a professional roofer to inspect and clean the shingles is the best course of action. Many roofers will advise installing copper or zinc flashing. When rainwater contacts the metal, it creates a fungistat, which then cascades over the shingles. This option has a higher cost up front but often results in lower total costs overall.

An even more effective alternative to flashing is shingles that have the copper or zinc mixed into the granules that serve as the top layer. This option is more effective because each shingle reacts with the rainwater individually rather than relying on the fungistat wash that the flashing creates. A downside to this solution is that it may not be economical unless reroofing is taking place.

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