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Columbus Roofing: Article About Weather Effects On Roofing Installations

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Homeowners are used to seeing Columbus roofing contractors work on rooftops during the spring and summer, usually due to the fact that weather conditions are clear for many project types. Extreme weather in the winter reduces safe roofing practices significantly. If residents cannot secure a new roof replacement in the warmer months, they might be interested in a winter installation when skies are clear. However, cold weather produces other obstacles to a safe and successful roof installation.

Wet conditions are usually present in the winter, from driving rains to basic foggy mist. When contractors reveal a wood roof deck used for installation purposes, this moisture in the air can easily condense on the surface. Contractors can't add underlayment and shingles to wet decks. The wood will simply rot over time, compromising the entire installation's stability. Roofers would need a dry, sunny day to quickly uncover and service the roof deck properly.

Power and air tools are only meant to work within a specific temperature range, making winter installations difficult. Air tools may not work properly due to excess moisture in the air. These water molecules freeze and create air pressure blockages.

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When contractors use their nail gun depth adjuster, for instance, the action may not be as accurate as in warmer weather. Workers must be extra careful about tool care and precise adjustments to reduce possible mistakes.

A major concern shared by all contractors is shingle quality. In extreme cold, shingle components become brittle and won't retain their normal flexibility during installation. As contractors lay and fasten the shingles, they may simply crack from the cold conditions. Waiting until a warm winter day might be the only way to avoid cracked materials across a new installation.

Many shingle products come with self sealing strips along their top sections. Contractors use this strip to secure and align materials before adding final fasteners. Warm sunlight usually activates these strips, however, making them adhere permanently to the structure. Cold, winter conditions don't allow these strips to activate, causing possible misalignment during installation. Contractors must physically press these shingles down and fasten them quickly. The strips will stick properly when temperatures rise.

To make a winter roofing project possible, homeowners should work closely with contractors to pick the best weather dates possible. New roofs only require a few days of clear weather, so pay close attention to forecasts in order to streamline the process. With strong communication between homeowners and contractors, a new roof can be possible in mild winter weather.

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