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Homeowners have enough to worry about with any repair or remodel project without the additional concern of being scammed by their chosen contractor. By taking a few precautions homeowners can greatly reduce their chances of being overcharged or receiving low quality work. Legitimate Columbus roofing and general contractors won't begrudge the extra scrutiny, and it will scare the majority of scam artists away.

First, homeowners should familiarize themselves with some of the common scams used by less scrupulous contractors. Roof repair after a storm is a popular tactic. Out of town crews rush into an area and offer to repair damage at a fraction of the going rate. Sadly the repairs, if they are ever completed, are not likely to last. It is always best to go with a trusted local contractor who can provide references and plenty of contact information.

This type of unsolicited, low ball offer is usually a bad sign for any project. Con artists have used everything from sealing driveways to cleaning chimneys or gutters to get their foot in the door. Then they "notice" some real damage and offer to either fix the problem themselves or refer the homeowner to a friend. Neither of these options should be trusted. Getting multiple estimates in writing is always a good practice when approaching large expenses.

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Getting everything in writing is another thing that sets the true professionals apart from those just out to make a quick buck. Legitimate contractors will be licensed and insured and desire a contract that protects themselves as much as the homeowner. Legitimate contractors are business men as well as craftsmen. When dealing with contractors, the whole process should be handled professionally on their end. It is typically not a good sign if the only contact number provided is a cell phone number. Another thing to look for is if the company invoices only list a P.O. Box.

Finally, ensure the chosen contractor uses quality parts and materials for the project. Less ethical contractors have been known to overcharge customers for low quality materials by billing them out as premium parts. Check the invoices and receipts against the materials and parts used in any project to make sure they match.

In the end it mostly comes down to common sense and a healthy skepticism. Most legitimate contractors will have similar costs on their end so their estimates will be in the same range. Just remember, if an offer sounds too good to be true, it likely is.

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