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Bad weather is sometimes hard to predict, and when disaster strikes, many homeowners face the task of dealing with a severely damaged roof. Since the roof serves to protect the other areas of the home, homeowners who do not have a plan in place before a windstorm, hailstorm or tornado hits the area may discover that their damaged roof develops compounded problems. For example, if severe wind and rain causes shingles to tear off the roof and they have not been replaced, the next time bad weather comes, it could cause even more extensive damage.

Homeowners are encouraged to take preventative steps before they are faced with a disaster, such as contacting a Columbus roofing professional to thoroughly inspect the roof at least twice a year. This will help ensure that the roof remains in prime shape year round.

If a bad storm causes damage to the roof, homeowners should carefully assess the damage. It is recommended that homeowners use binoculars instead of climbing onto the roof for safety reasons; a damaged roof could have weak spots that are not easy to identify. Homeowners should look for missing shingles and ensure there are no areas where plywood or tar paper has become exposed.

If there are areas that have become damaged, it is possible that the interior of the house can also become damaged due to water leaks.

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If water is allowed to come inside the house but the leak is minor, homeowners can place a bucket underneath the source until a professional can repair the leak. If the leak is major, homeowners can carefully tarp the source on top of the roof.

If a natural disaster has caused damage to many areas, homeowners should contact their insurance company. It is possible that the policy will cover the cost of any repairs that need to be made. In many cases, insurance agencies will allow homeowners to choose their own contractors as well.

Homeowners are encouraged to contact a trustworthy roofing expert to make repairs to their roofs. Sometimes, additional problems are also detected during this process. For example, if water has seeped to the underside of some of the shingles and caused damage to the structure underneath, it might be more difficult for someone without roofing experience to detect. A good contractor will understand common issues like this and ensure the structural integrity of the roof is preserved. The contractor will ensure that the fascia, soffit, valleys, shingles and underlayment have not become damaged as well.

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