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Windows not only contribute to your home's overall look, but they provide function by helping regulate your home's temperature. As your home ages, it may be time to consider replacing some or all of your windows, especially if they are having trouble opening and closing or are failing to keep moisture out of the home. When discussing window replacement, a Columbus roofing and window specialist will probably explain that most windows fall into two main categories: single hung and double hung.

The key difference between single and double hung windows is sash operability. Both windows have a top and bottom window sash, but only the bottom sash moves on a single hung window. On a double hung window, both the top and bottom sashes move. A double hung window's sash can also tilt, which makes them easier to clean than single hung windows.

Double hung windows can also potentially provide more security than single hung windows. This is due to the fact that double hung windows have two locks, whereas single hung windows only have one.

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The parts of the sash and frame of double hung windows also tend to be stronger and sturdier than those of single hung windows, potentially providing added security.

Because double hung windows have two operational sashes, they potentially provide twice the airflow of single hung windows, especially when the panes are tilted at the maximum angle. However, in situations where little or moderate airflow is desired, such as in places with a mild, temperate climate, single hung windows may be more desirable.

On average, homeowners can expect to pay from 10 to 20 percent more for double hung windows than single hung windows. This lower initial cost may make single hung windows a worthwhile choice for homeowners with a tight renovation budget. However, in order to earn the government's energy efficient tax credit, some single hung window manufacturers have upgraded the glass they use, bringing the cost of some single hung windows up to the price of most double hung windows.

In some cases, double hung windows can cost from 30 to 80 percent more than single hung windows. For example, a 24 inch vinyl single hung window costs an average of $179, while the double hung version of the same window costs an average of $307, a difference of nearly 80 percent. While double hung windows are more expensive in the short term, they can save homeowners money in the long run by providing better energy efficiency.

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