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Columbus Roofing: Article About Signs Of Poor Attic Insulation

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Insulation is easily one of the most important components or materials found inside a house. Though some homeowners still think of that bright pink fiberglass insulation once used by designers and construction companies, many companies now rely on different forms of insulation that are stronger and more reliable. Most people do not think about the amount of insulation their home has or whether they need any additional insulation until they experience a few common problems or issues. Homeowners can take the time to look for signs of poor insulation in their attics before they turn to Columbus roofing companies for additional help.

A large number of historic and more modern homes in Ohio feature attics. Whether the attic is finished and features living space or is unfinished and used more for storage, the space must have the right amount of insulation. One sign that there is a lack of this material is when the vent pipe on the roof no longer works effectively. Some may find that ice and snow blocks develop in this pipe during the winter, but some may also find that animals build nests inside the pipe in the summer.

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Those problems occur because the pipe can no longer regulate the temperature inside the attic due to a lack of insulation.

Animal infestations may also occur because of poor insulation. Insulation helps regulate the temperature of the attic, but it also serves as a protective barrier that keeps animals from getting through a hole in the wall and into the attic. If the animals do chew through the insulation or find another way through, homeowners must get in touch with professionals and replace their current insulation. Rats, squirrels, mice and other wild animals leave behind urine and feces in the attic and in the insulation, which can make homeowners and their families sick.

Two of the more common signs of poor insulation is an increase in energy bills combined with fluctuating temperatures. Hot air rises, and when the attic lacks insulation, this allows the warm air to move into the attic and out of the house, which will result in the rest of the house feeling cooler. Homeowners will usually find themselves spending more on their cooling bills as well because the poor insulation allows cool air to escape. The best way for homeowners to find out if they need to replace the insulation in their homes is with a roof inspection that looks at the vent pipe and for other signs of poor insulation.

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