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Climate is an important factor when choosing a roof, but it's one that's often not given proper weight in the decision. For instance, the amount of precipitation in the area, either a dry climate or one subject to frequent or daily rains, will effect the type of roof best suited to a homeowner's needs. Composite roofing materials are resistant to moisture and rot, and a green, or vegetated roofs, offers good absorption of rainwater.

Temperature has a great deal to do with the type and color of roofing material used, especially in a southern climate where cool roofs contribute to lower air conditioning costs during the summer months. A cool roof, for example, a white roof, is so defined because its surface is minimally heated by the sun. A standard black surface roof grows very warm in the sun and is referred to as a "hot" roof. A cool roof is most effective in southern climates, but in the northern climates, where five times more is spent heating than cooling, a reflective roof could actually increase energy consumption. A good choice would be a system that contracts and expands with the temperature fluctuations.

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Wind is another weather related element to consider. In an area subject to hurricanes, tornadoes, or severe storms, a qualified contractor can provide information on how various shingles are rated by ASTM. The two ASTM ratings for wind speed are Class F for wind speeds up to 110 mph, and Class H for speeds up to 150 mph. Identifying wind uplift requirements is important as well. Proper installation is critical to an attractive, functional, and long lasting roof, especially when considering wind speed. If the area has experienced hail damage in the past, check the rating on the roofing material for its ability to stand up to severe hail storms as well.

For property owners who purchase a home that they intend to flip but it needs a new roof, cost and curb appeal are most likely the most important considerations, with less thought given to climate. However, if the roof over the homeowner's head is the one in question, long term thinking is the best approach. Using a reputable local contractor means they have experience with the best roofing material choices in their given climate, because that's where they live too. They'll also be able to respond quickly to unforeseen problems.

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