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When shingles are first installed by Columbus roofing professionals, they lay flat with perfect angles for aesthetic purposes. Shingles are strong, but they can succumb to specific damages over time. Even with the best preventive maintenance schedule, curling, cracks and other problems can arise. Homeowners should understand how these damages occur to prevent them in the future.

Shingle damage that's easy to see from the ground is curling. Tabs that are normally flush against the rooftop can start to curve upward. This damage is concerning because rain, snow and other moisture can easily seep into curled areas. Roofing material age is usually the cause for curling because shingles will simply break down from exposure to sunlight and weathering stresses. Over exposure could be another issue. If contractors don't follow proper nail guide line installation techniques, the shingles can end up getting installed at inappropriate locations on the rooftop. Poor fastener locations can also lead to shingle curling.

Bubbling or blistering is a more subtle shingle problem that is usually discovered by contractors. Shingles literally have bumps across their surfaces with possible cracking from expansion processes. Blistering can either be an installation or a manufacturer defect.

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If a surface is moist during installation, new shingle additions can actually block evaporative processes. Water beneath the shingles starts to evaporate, causing bubbles to form. Manufacturer defects with water trapped in the materials themselves can occur too. Contractors must verify which causal factor is involved to properly repair the area.

Cracked shingles have many causal factors, but the most common are debris strikes, weathering and improper walking. Older shingles aren't as flexible as new materials, making any debris strikes possible causes for cracks. Weathering from sunlight, rain and wind definitely creates cracks too. Even inexperienced roofers stepping on the shingles could crack them with poor walking techniques.

Missing shingles are obvious eyesores from the ground and serious vulnerability spots during rainstorms. Shingles can tear off from winds, but can also be lost during mild weather events. Lack of fasteners on a shingle allows it to flap in the wind and break off. Nails added too high on the shingles also cause lost materials because they can catch the wind and tear.

Homeowners are welcome to survey their new roof installation after each day's work. They should discuss any concerns with onsite managers to understand how the work is progressing. With more knowledge about roofing, homeowners can pinpoint problems in the future before they develop into major repair issues.

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