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Columbus Roofing: Article About Safety Tips For Metal Roofs

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Homeowners who climb onto their asphalt shingle roofs from time to time may be accustomed to the traction that rough surfaces provide. When the time comes for a replacement, they may find that the new roof is more difficult to walk on. This is especially true if the decision was made to switch to metal roofing materials. Individuals who are in this situation may want to contact a Columbus roofing professional for tips on how to stay safe while on a metal roof. They may even choose to stay off it altogether and let the professionals handle any tasks that must be done from the roof.

Metal roofs do not have the gritty surface natural to asphalt shingles. Consequently, homeowners will discover that the new roof has a slippery surface on which it is difficult to stand. In addition, snowfall that accumulates on the roof is likely to slide off as it begins to thaw. This can cause damage to shrubbery and other vegetation below that may be struck by a pile of snow. It could also cause injury to family members or pets if they happen to be outside and near the edge of the house when accumulations of snow fall off the roof. There are, however, things that can be placed on the roofing surface to help prevent this phenomenon.

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Snow rails can be installed just above the lower edge of the roof to catch snow before it slides onto the ground. They can be in the form of a single rail, or the homeowner can opt for a double or triple rail system for added protection. Those who do not want rails running across their roofs can opt for snow guards. These devices are smaller and less conspicuous, and they are evenly spaced between the standing seams of the metal surface. If the homeowner is leery of installations that require penetration of the roofing surface, there are snow guards available that mount with clamps that are attached to the raised sections of the metal.

Snow deflectors are often used on metal roofs to protect other items such as vent pipes that may be protruding from the roof. Unlike snow guards or rails that are designed to prevent a large amount of snow from sliding off the roof at one time, they protect the items in question by deflecting the snow. The guards or rails, which are mounted lower on the roof than the deflectors, will then protect things on the ground against snow damage.

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