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When working on the roof, safety gear and proper footwear are key to the worker's wellbeing. In addition to the use of work gloves, a hard hat and a safety harness, rubber soled shoes are also essential. These tips can help any homeowner stay safe while doing basic roofing maintenance. Property owners who do not have all of these supplies or feel like their roofs are too steeply pitched can always find a local Columbus roofing service to do the work for them.

Mounted sandals are one option for work shoes that can be worn on slippery surfaces like metal or slate. These devices tie onto a person's regular shoes, steel toed boots or work boots. They have webbing and straps that wrap around the shoe and provide additional traction. For extremely sloped roofs, workers can purchase sandal mounts with D rings, leather straps and buckles that can accommodate wider angles of stretching.

Soft spiked sandals are another solution to working on slippery roofs made of materials such as copper or corrugated tin. The softness of the aluminum will not puncture or dent the metal but will provide added traction to help lessen the risk of slip and fall accidents. In most cases, the spikes can be removed with a tool that is included with the mounted sandals or sold separately in uniform and specialty shoe supply stores.

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Roofers and homeowners can also purchase foam rubber pads that strap on or attach directly to safety boots. These adhere to the footwear with industrial strength Velcro. The rubber provides traction much like the rubber of a car's tire stops the wheels from slipping on wet pavement. These replaceable soles are inexpensive and easy to replace once they are worn through. Individuals and roofing contractors can find them at stores that supply industrial equipment and gear.

When walking on an asphalt shingle roof, regular soft soled athletic shoes are generally sufficient at providing the wearer with enough traction. These types of shoes will not leave scuff marks or indentations on the shingles and are likely already in the owner's possession. However, homeowners and roofers should take care to do the smallest necessary amount of walking on the surface of any roof. This is because the weight of a person may be enough to crack tiles or shingles. The friction between the shoe and shingle can also be strong enough to knock granules off the surface of the shingles, leading to unnecessary wear and tear on the roofing system.

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