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Double wide trailer homes are an affordable housing option that offer flexibility in location. While these homes offer the convenience of one level living, they are also prone to certain problems, such as leaks at the roofing seam and drainage problems due to a lack of gutters and downspouts. Homeowners who notice any of these issues with their trailer roofs can contact experienced Columbus roofing experts for professional advice and repairs to prevent any ongoing issues.

Double wide mobile homes are built in two sections and then transported to the lot selected by the owner. During the transit process, shaking and vibrations may cause some of the flashing around the roof's perimeter to become loose. Leaks around the flashing are a common problem in these homes. Owners can check to make sure the flashing is secure, tighten any fasteners and add a layer of silicon caulk around any loose spots.

The seam at the midpoint of a mobile home's roof is another common problem spot. A seal failure at the seam can allow rain to flow underneath the roof's exterior. Once inside, the water takes the path of least resistance.

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The residents of the home may find that a leak starts at the joint of a wall and the ceiling, at the top of a door frame or near one of the windows. A roofer may need to inspect the interior parts of the roof and reseal the seam.

On one of Ohio's warm and humid summer days or damp, foggy spring or fall mornings, water vapor can enter the mobile home through the roof or walls. It then settles in the attic, where leaky air ducts or open vents allow it to drip into the walls, ceilings and living areas. This kind of leak can be tricky to detect. Homeowners can look for cracks or signs of rust around the vent openings in the roof. If the exterior consists of asphalt shingles, it should be examined for loose or missing pieces. Most mobile homes are outfitted with metal roofs. A leaky metal roof may need to be professionally resealed or tarred with a rubber or asphalt based roof coating to create a waterproof seal.

If a leak is caught early on, any cosmetic problems can be fixed with a coating of interior paint. Leaks that have gone on for a while may require that the entire ceiling be replaced, due to the risk of mold and rot. An annual roof inspection can help prevent serious leaks.

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