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The climate can greatly affect the roofing materials used on a home, and a smart homeowner knows about the potential dangers within his or her area. In some ways, the weather in Ohio can be mild, especially when compared with areas that have more extreme weather. Fortunately, Columbus roofing companies are equipped to take care of any of these common problems.

Ohio homeowners have cause to worry about the occasional blizzard that can cause an excess of snowfall to accumulate on the rooftop at once. It's possible for wet, heavy snow on the roof to cause structural damage. However, ice dams are much more likely. This scenario occurs when ice builds up in the gutters, preventing water from properly draining. These can become heavy enough to break the gutters off. It can also mean that water soaks into the roof areas around the gutters, causing damage. Removing and preventing ice dams should be a big concern for those who live in Ohio.

Ohio is also known for its humid weather. This can make it much more likely for mold, algae and moss to grow on the roof, especially when the roof is shaded by large trees. For most people, the problem is mainly one of aesthetics, but these growths can also cause damage to the shingles. Cleaning them off is something best left to professionals, who have access to powerful algaecides and who know how to get the job done without damaging the shingles.

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When shingles are a bit loose or curling at the edges, there is a higher chance that they can be blown off. Since Ohio does get the occasional tornado, homeowners should be somewhat concerned about storms with high winds blowing off the shingles. Wind doesn't need to reach the speeds commonly found during tornadoes to cause damage. The high winds that occur during a regular storm can blow shingles off, creating a pathway for water to enter the underlying infrastructure. Periodically checking for loose shingles and replacing them when necessary helps prevent this damage.

In addition, shingles can expand and contract with the heat and cold. Since those in Ohio experience both warm summers and freezing winters, the shingles need to be able to withstand those temperature changes if they're going to last. An experienced roofing contractor can help the homeowner select the best shingles.

Ohio is a great place to live and to own a home, but consumers need to be conscious about how the environment can affect their roofing structures. If there's ever any question about which products are best, it's a good idea to consult with a professional.

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