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While some winters in central Ohio are snowier than others, a significant storm usually occurs at least once during the winter months of the year. On occasion, extremely heavy amounts of snow can fall, which may spell trouble for homes with a shallow pitched roof or for structures that are not strong enough to support all the weight. Hastening the melting process can help property owners stave off the potentially disastrous consequences of a roof that caves in under the weight of the snow. Any homeowner who does notice sagging should contact experienced Columbus roofing contractors for emergency assistance.

If the snow has piled up on the roof and homeowners have noticed signs of trouble such as an ice dam, creaking sounds or a water leak, the time to take action is now. Homeowners can even act preemptively to try to eliminate the risk of a leak or roof damage. The first step is to walk around the home's perimeter and look for signs that the roof is already caving. If it is not, then an ice melting product like deicer or salt can be obtained.

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Because there can be a run on these products during heavy snowstorms, property owners may want to purchase enough at the start of winter to provide emergency coverage as needed.

One of the best products to use is magnesium chloride. This salt is different from rock salt in that it will not leave a residue or chemical burn on a home's asphalt shingles. It is also safe on metals and will not cause aluminum, copper or galvanized steel gutters and downspouts to rust or corrode. If some of the chemical gets onto the driveway, it won't pit the concrete. It is also less toxic to lawns and shrubs planted around the house. Because this product is usually sold in brick form, the property owner may need to use a shovel or hammer to break it into manageable pieces.

To apply magnesium chloride to the snow drifts and ice piles on the home's roof, find several pairs of old nylon stockings or tights. Cut each pair in half down the middle. The salt can be loaded into the leg of the nylons. Tie the top closed with a basic knot. With a step ladder positioned safely on a flat surface, the loaded stocking can be tossed up onto the roof's edge. Another package of salt can be placed over the gutter to help melt any ice stuck in there. The salt should be left in place for four to six hours on a sunny day.

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