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The benefits of regular roof cleanings are numerous, as this component of home maintenance is helpful in removing and preventing algae, lichen and moss while also improving the overall appearance of the roof. Annual cleanings also provide an opportunity for the homeowner to closely inspect his or her roof for any damage or material degradation that may have to be addressed by a Columbus roofing specialist or repaired by the homeowner.

Although roof cleaning is a relatively simple process, there are still a number of safety measures every homeowner should follow. It is likewise important that the homeowner use proper cleaning techniques to protect the roof's integrity, as there are some common cleaning methods that may actually have a detrimental effect on roofing materials.

Ideally, a roof should be cleaned once per year. Even if the roof is not showing any sign of the staining associated with algae or lichen, and there is no evidence of moss growth, a regular cleaning will help prevent these issues from developing in the first place. This is essential for protecting the property value of the home while also maintaining the efficacy of the shingles. While ladder and roof safety measures are generally consistent, there is a great deal of misinformation regarding the proper methods for roof cleaning.

While some will advise homeowners to use a diluted solution of bleach to clean their roof, there are many reasons why this is not the best method.

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As a corrosive chemical, bleach can damage the metal flashing that seals the components of the roof that are most vulnerable to water damage. This sort of damage can lead to issues that will ultimately require more extensive repair. Others will advise homeowners to use a pressure washer on the roof to remove stains, but this will result in granule loss even when the pressure washer is used on its lowest setting. Even a garden hose may be pressurized enough to cause granule loss, so a pressure washer should certainly be out of the question.

A specific roof cleaning product is best, so the homeowner should select a noncorrosive roof cleaner that will remove algae, moss and lichen without disturbing the granules or adversely affecting any of the other roofing materials. The homeowner should select a day when it is overcast and there is no precipitation in the forecast, as this will allow the cleaning product to be most effective in eliminating staining and preventing future issues. Of course, professional roofers are also capable of performing this task for homeowners concerned with the inherent safety issues or with the possibility of causing roof damage unintentionally.

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