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Throughout the year, a variety of residues and particles land on the roofs of central Ohio homes. From mildew and tree sap to factory smokestack residue and dirt, the roof may begin to change colors and become unattractive. While dragging out the power washer might seem like a good idea, it can actually cause a considerable amount of damage to asphalt, clay, wood and composite roofs. Fortunately, there are some other useful cleaning tools that help to keep roofs clean. Homeowners who are unsure of whether or not an item is safe for use can always contact a local Columbus roofing contractor for professional advice.

One of the best tools that a homeowner can use on the roof is a sprayer that applies no more than 1,000 psi. This setting can help to dislodge pine tree sap, salt residue and bird feces. These devices can be placed on the ground and used with a long garden hose to spray the roof clean. Some of the sprayers are small enough to be worn as a backpack and make use of concentrated cleaning solutions to get rid of roof stains.

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When using these systems, property owners should take care to aim the stream of water or cleanser downward rather than upward at the shingles. An upward stream of water could cause uplifting of the shingles and allow water to penetrate the roof's wooden decking.

Another handy device for homeowners is a basic garden hose with a jet sprayer. These can get dirt off the roof without dislodging all the asphalt granules or cracking clay or slate tiles. Again, the homeowner would need to climb an extension ladder, ascend the roof and shower the shingles with the jet's head set on a spray setting, rather than the jet setting.

If an area of the roof is stained from an old rusty antenna or something else, it is best to use manual techniques such as a mild detergent applied with a microfiber cloth or soft bristled brush. This would require the homeowner to climb the roof and scrub the problem areas by hand.

When choosing a cleaning solution to use on the roof, the most important consideration is the manufacturer's recommendations for compatible materials. Not all products are made for use on every kind of roofing. Copper or corrugated tin roofing needs a different cleaning solution than slate tiles or asphalt shingles. Because the roof and possibly the ladder will get wet, homeowners should also wear rubber soled shoes while cleaning their roofs.

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