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In regions with heavy snowfall during the winter months, most roofing systems are built with high pitches to ensure easy runoff. The line at which two slopes join can be vulnerable to leakage unless durable ridge caps are installed for protection. These necessary components are usually custom made and fit directly over the joints at the ridge line. In addition to serving as a water barrier, ridge caps give the roof a finished appearance. They are used on roof types ranging from basic shingles to high end slate. Columbus roofing professionals can provide insight into the best style of ridge caps for virtually any roof structure.

Flashing must be laid along the ridge line first. Although aluminum is the most typically chosen metal, copper is sometimes preferred. J channels are helpful when the ridge caps are going on a metal roof. When the covering is built with shingles, the materials are wrapped over the rooftop. Then additional shingles are cut so that they will fit over the peak of the ridge line and make the roofing structure look complete. Ridge caps can be added to a tile or wood roof in a similar manner creating a smooth, uniform presence.

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As an alternative, prefabricated ridge caps can be purchased to match nearly any roof type. They may be constructed from asphalt shingles, metals such as copper and aluminum, or plastic. If the caps are bought unfinished, then the contractor may paint them. However, factory finished products in the appropriate color and style are often available. At times, roofers opt to use prefabricated caps for protection against leakage and, without applying a coating, cover them with extra roofing materials. This process ensures that the ridge will complement the overall system.

The roof peak is an ideal spot for a vent that will heighten the building's energy efficiency and keep the interior comfortable. The hole must run along the total ridge length, and the vent that covers it can be made of either metal or plastic. In order to let hot air out and prevent water from coming in, the vent is usually baffled. The inverted "V" shape raises it above the roof surface where water doesn't travel. Dirt and debris also rarely reach the vent. With the installation of a mesh screen, bugs can be blocked from entrance as well. After the vent has been nailed into place, the caps are laid on top. In addition to keeping air moving, a baffled vent is known to resist strong wind gusts.

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