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An ill fitted window often has cracks that allow cold air to leak into a home. This cold air can cause a home to feel uncomfortable and drafty. If cold air is coming into a house, then warm air is leaking out. This mean that the air conditioning unit has to work harder and raises energy bills. Homeowners who want to save on energy should consider replacing their windows.

It helps to contact a Columbus roofing company to find out how to make a house energy efficient. Some homeowners make the mistake of not exploring their options. Replacing every window in the house is the most expensive way to conserve energy, but other options exists for those on a budget.

Homeowners who are looking for a cost effective approach should start with insulation. Insulating windows is as simple as placing plastic over them. It is also a good idea to check the home for leaks. Ideal places to check are doors, the attic, and heating and cooling ducts. If there is a sudden increase in the energy bill, then there has to be a reason for the increase.

Repairing existing windows is another way to make a home energy efficient. For this to work, the windows have to be in good condition.

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One of the ways to repair them is by adding storm windows. Before adding storm windows, homeowners should check for rotting wood, missing glass, broken parts and cracks. If there are any damage, then it should be fixed to prevent leaks.

There are structural difference when comparing normal and energy efficient windows. Normal windows frames use a single pane glass that controls the heat coming in and out of the house. Frames can cause heat loss when they are made of aluminum and not tightly sealed.

Energy efficient frames have multiple panes of glass. The insulating air spaces between the panes decreases heat transfer. The efficiency is increased further by adding argon or krypton to the spaces. It also helps to put low conductivity spacers in between the panes.

Homeowners who are planning to install energy efficient windows should check with their local utility companies. Some utility companies offer incentives and cash rebates, and these incentives can help with lowering renovation costs.

When windows are more than 15 years old, they tend to stick, make the house drafty and run up energy bills. This is a good time to consider replacing the old windows on the house to increase energy efficiency.

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