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Columbus roofing specialists can explain to building owners many choices for new or replacement roofs. One of the most popular options is EPDM, or Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, a manufactured product created expressly for commercial and industrial applications.

Used for more than 40 years, EDPM is a synthetic rubber made from oil and natural gas. EPDM comes in either single or double ply configurations. EDPM has the lowest cost per square foot of all commercial roofing solutions.

The EPDM manufacturing process also uses recycled materials such as rubber tires, making it an environmentally beneficial product. EDPM roofs last for about 30 years before requiring replacement.

The EDPM material has many benefits for use on commercial buildings. It responds very well to extreme temperatures. Also, it remains flexible at lower temperatures, a significant consideration for localities with cold winters.

Since the material is stable regardless of the ambient air temperature, the roof can be installed in all climates year round. The material also has proven resistance to hail and wind damage and even ultraviolet damage from sunlight.

There are three systems used to install EDPM roofs.

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Ballasted systems are used in roughly 35 percent of the EDPM installations and are the easiest method to use. Large panels are laid loosely over the roof's insulation then held down with smooth stones or concrete pavers.

Mechanically attached panels are attached to the roof with round plates directly to the roof's deck or batten strips. These systems are lightweight and suitable for nearly any building.

The third approach is a fully adhered system. This installation uses a bonding process to adhere the EDPM material to the insulation that has been previously attached with fasteners. This approach is gaining popularity.

EDPM is colored either black or white and comes in a diversity of widths, from 7.5 to 50 feet, for many commercial configurations.

White EDPM reflects UV rays from sunlight away from the interior of the building, saving on energy costs and shielding the roof from UV degradation. Because of its reflectivity, white EPDM is installed using mechanically attached or fully adhered installation systems.

One disadvantage of the EPDM roof is that it is not applied with spray treatments. The seams necessary for installation may develop dry rot from sun damage and consequently pull away from joints.

Current product development continues to improve both EDPM roofing materials and installation methods, making EDPM a great modern choice regardless of its long history.

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