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Columbus Roofing: Article About Repairing Or Replacing A Roof

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No one ever wants to think about replacing their entire roof. They often think that this is something they only need to do when a storm carries off part of the roof or they see numerous leaks forming in the ceiling. Columbus roofing companies understand that there are other problems that might necessitate a new roof. They work with local homeowners every day who call about a small leak or something that seems minor and later discover that the problem goes deeper than they ever expected. When performing an inspection, roofers will look at the decking and other parts of the roof for problems that indicate the home needs a new roof.

One thing they look for is any space on the roof where there are no shingles. Despite using glues and nails to secure shingles to the roof, it may only take a strong wind to rip off a smaller or larger section of those shingles. Rain and snow can then accumulate on the roof and eventually get through the underlayment and onto the roof decking. Once this occurs, the water can penetrate even further and get through the ceiling and drywall, which will leave behind leaks in the ceiling and walls. If there are multiple leaks found on the roof, experts will generally recommend that homeowners replace rather than repair their roof.

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The decking used on older homes typically featured a wood construction. Though some newer homes now use steel, wood is still more popular because it is more affordable. Homeowners should keep in mind that wood is susceptible to both mold and rotting. While roofers can remove mold and replace rotten boards with new wood, they will recommend replacing the roof if the decking shows signs of bowing or cracking. Replacing that wood is the best way to ensure that the roof won't collapse.

Other signs that professionals look for during an inspection include damaged or missing flashing, shingles with curled edges and stains on the decking and around the edges of the walls. Shingles should sit flush and flat with the roof, and once the shingles begin curling up, homeowners will need to replace those shingles. Missing flashing, especially around the chimney and any other openings, allows water to penetrate the roof and get inside the house. Professionals also look for stains that might indicate the presence of standing water, which might mean that homeowners need to replace the underlayment on the roof or the entire roof.

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