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The longest lasting roof covering is slate, and this type of roofing material is strong and ecofriendly. However, even slate roofing can break down and end up needing a Columbus roofing professional for repair or replacement. Not all consumers can tell the difference between slate roofs that simply need repair and those that need to be replaced altogether.

Homeowners are usually told that a slate roof can last upwards of 100 years. While this is true, they can only expect to get this kind of life span if their roof is properly maintained throughout its life. On that same note, they can't expect to get 100 years out of a slate roof if it isn't installed right in the first place. This is why slate roofing should always be installed by a qualified roofing contractor.

The main cause of failure in slate roofs is poor installation. Even professionals sometimes struggle with installing slate roofs because they are not familiar enough with the material. Slate is great at standing up to the elements, but it's fragile and can be easily cracked during installation. Once it cracks, it needs to be replaced right away.

If poor installation is the cause of a slate breakdown, it is probably best that the homeowners have their entire roof replaced. This is the only way that they can be sure that the problem is handled properly.

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Before hiring another contractor to install new slate, it's important to determine which companies are qualified to work with slate. Otherwise, the homeowners could face the same problem all over again.

When deciding whether a slate roof needs to be repaired or replaced, the homeowners have to determine if there are only a few tiles that need replacing. If so, the cost of materials and labor will be lower for repairing the roof compared to replacing it. If there are problems throughout the whole roof, it's generally cheaper to replace it.

Homeowners should never try to determine if their roof needs repair or replacing themselves. They should contact at least three roofing contractors to inspect the roof and provide recommendations before they make a decision. During the inspections, homeowners should also ask for estimates of the cost of repairing and replacing the existing roof. These estimates will help them make a decision.

For some homeowners, slate roofs aren't worth the investment. Homeowners who purchase a house that has an existing slate roof may consider replacing it with an easier to manage roofing material such as metal. In the end, replacing the entire roof with a new material might be cheaper.

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