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There are few roofing options that are more durable and beautiful than slate. Columbus roofing professionals often recommend slate because it's the longest lasting roofing material on the market. When consumers look into slate roofing, however, they often become disinterested at the high cost and fragile structure of the stone. The benefits of slate, however, far outweigh the cons.

Slate is a natural product, so it won't end up in a landfill after its life on a roof. Since slate roofs can last upwards of 100 years, homeowners don't have to replace the material as often as other roofing types. In fact, slate roofs that are properly installed can outlast the life of four asphalt roofs.

Slate is also just as beautiful as it is strong, providing a natural beauty to homes that simply can't be mimicked by any other roofing material. While it's true that homeowners could get a natural look with a wood shingle or shake roof, it simply can't match that of natural stone. These types of wood roofs also require special sealants to protect the wood from water and insect damage.

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Consumers often think that slate roofs only come in one color, but, just like rocks from different quarries, slate comes in a variety of colors, including black, green, gray, purple and red. Additionally, slate comes in a range of thicknesses and sizes. All of these possibilities ensure that no two homes with slate roofs will look the same. Homeowners can further customize the aesthetics of their roof by mixing and matching some of these different colors together.

Another benefit is that slate roofs are fire resistant, which not all roofing materials can claim. Roofing contractors often say that slate is one of the most fire resistant materials for roofs available on the market. Due to this high fire rating, insurance companies often give homeowners discounts on their premiums. This discount is possible because the home is protected from airborne sparks from wildfires that might land on the roof of the house. Other roofing materials such as wood can catch fire from sparks even after being treated with a fire retardant.

While the high price tag and heavy weight of slate are concerns for many homeowners, it's easy to see why the benefits far outweigh these cons. If homeowners can find a trusted contractor that specializes in the installation of slate roofs, they should have no issues with this material. It's never recommended that homeowners attempt the installation of slate roofs themselves, and so reliance on an experienced roofing company is essential.

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