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Contrary to popular belief, gutters are not essential for a home to maintain an adequate level of water protection. Gutters, as any Columbus roofing professional will explain, are long and narrow tubes that direct water from a roof to a downspout on the ground below where it is then directed away from a home's foundation. This keeps the ground surrounding a home from becoming waterlogged and from potentially leaking into a basement or forming other damages as time goes on.

For homes without gutters, rainwater runs down a roofline, creating a waterfall effect. This typically works well enough, except for homes where an overhang may not be long enough to prevent foundation waterlogging and pooling around the perimeter. The only time a well functioning roof line may become a problem is during heavy rains, when the waterfall effect essentially creates a wall of water for residents to pass through.

While gutters are very effective at what they do, they can still create problems for a homeowner. Gutters are often left open and without a guard, so debris and other particulate can build up inside a gutter to create clogs and water pools.

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As most homeowners know, these pools can grow in size until they eventually seep into a roof's underlying structure and begin to weaken its structural integrity.

Gutters can also leave a home's siding more susceptible to warping; as ice, tree limbs, and other heavy materials can weigh down a gutter system and peel it away from its anchor points. Additionally, gutters require a cleaning twice a year, which can be an inconvenience to a homeowner. These are factors that should be considered for any homeowner thinking about adding an optional gutter system.

Lastly, while gutters have their downsides, there are just as many upsides to match. Gutters make managing and protecting a home's foundation from rainwater a simple task. When gutters are damaged, they are oftentimes extremely simple to repair and may only require a little roofing cement to patch holes or cracks. Loose gutters can almost always be fitted back into place with some light hammering; and, if badly damaged, gutters are relatively inexpensive to replace.

Gutters, on average, also experience prolonged longevity and typically last no less than ten years. There are numerous materials available for gutter production, and there are options for just about every type of homeowner. Really, the decision only comes down to roof style and preference. The final question any homeowner should ask themselves is whether they prefer to routinely deal with a potentially soggy perimeter or clogged and backed up gutters.

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