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Columbus Roofing: Article About Preventing Winter Ice Dams

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One of the major problems that occur during Ohio winters is something called an ice dam. Though Columbus is far enough away from water that it doesn't experience lake effect snow like the northern part of the state does, its relatively flat layout makes it a haven for ice and snow. As the ice and snow flies across the city, it finds its way onto roofs. Many assume that they can leave the snow on their roof all season long and that the spring thaw will melt the ice without causing any problems, but this isn't necessarily true. Columbus roofing experts want local homeowners to know that leaving ice and snow behind can lead to ice dams forming.

An ice dam is essentially a dam of frozen water that sticks to the house. Though winter temperatures are often quite cold, the temperature can climb above freezing. On a warmer day with lots of sunshine, the ice and snow on the roof will begin to melt and immediately move into the gutters and off the roof. Once night falls and the temperature drops again, the water freezes in its new position.

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Some homeowners may notice icicles and smaller patches of ice forming on their houses rather than ice dams. Both ice dams and icicles have the potential to bring down the gutters, tear off shingles, break the decking and cause other damages and problems.

Experts recommend that homeowners work with local roofing companies to keep ice dams from forming throughout the winter months. Heating cables are a good solution for ice dams. These cables produce just enough heat to melt any ice or snow on the roof without melting the shingles or damaging other parts of the roof. Heating cables not only melt the ice and snow directly on top of the cables but any ice or snow sitting near the cables. After hiring a professional to install the cables, homeowners can use those cables with any outdoor outlets they have.

Another way to prevent ice dams is with regular cleaning. The more ice and snow that accumulates on the house, the greater the risk is of ice dams forming later. Professionals can easily check out the roof and use different types of tools to brush and move all the ice and snow away from the roof and walls of the house. If there isn't any type of frozen water on the roof, there is nothing left behind to create an ice dam.

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