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Columbus Roofing: Article About Preventing Shingle Blow Offs

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Roof blow offs are scenarios where shingles literally pull of a structure in large sections. This severe damage usually occurs during major storms. However, winds don't just pull perfectly secure shingles off a rooftop. These sections usually have some minor flaws that make them vulnerable to blow off. Columbus roofing professionals can verify certain structural components to prevent severe blow off during the next weather event.

Blow offs are often prevented when shingle self sealing strips are properly activated. When shingles are nailed to a deck, their tabs usually have adhesive strips. These strips slowly stick to adjoining shingles as sunlight warms the surface. If shingles are installed in cold weather, contractors normally apply a hand sealed shingle procedure to the rooftop. Adding roofing cement under tabs helps them stick to nearby materials until warmer days can activate the strips.

Generally, shingles require four nails for each section. These fasteners are spread out across the shingles' top sections to prevent blow off and other damage. For areas with extreme weather patterns, contractors should install six nails. These additional fasteners hold the material tightly to the surface and may even overlap with another shingle layer to further secure the installation. Nails must be several inches from the shingles' edges, however, to be effective against winds.

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Fasteners too close to edges will only tear the material.

Contractors should also examine shingles at roof eaves. Although installers are supposed to allow for some overhang across the roof edge, too much material can act as a sail. Winds literally pull the material up and off the structure. Ideally, only one-quarter to one-half inch of shingle material should hang off roof edges. Any extra overhang must be corrected before more damage occurs.

Blow offs also happen when rooftop maintenance is poor. All cracked and missing shingles must be serviced to prevent potential blow off damage. Cracked shingles can loosen and flap in the wind. Missing shingles create vulnerable spots for all surrounding materials as air flows into these pockets at rapid speeds. If contractors visit a property several times a year, any rooftop damages can be serviced before issues become major problems.

Always hire roofers who are familiar with local weather patterns when installing or servicing a rooftop. Areas prone to wind gusts or driving rain may need special rooftop alterations to remain stable for many years. Experienced roofers can use local knowledge to service homeowners with safe and secure rooftops.

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