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Columbus Roofing: Article About Preparing Gutters For The Fall

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During the autumn months, falling leaves and other debris can wreak havoc on rain gutters. Gutters that are not kept clear are at risk of clogging, resulting in pooling water that can spill over and damage the roof, the trim and the siding of the home. Additionally, the extra weight caused by water and wet leaves can affect the integrity of the gutters and cause them to become detached from the fascia board.

When cleaning out the gutters, homeowners should use a sturdy extension or step ladder to gain access to the system. Ladders should always be placed on a flat, firm surface, and homeowners should wear slip resistant shoes. Another person should be present for safety. It is also advisable to wear work gloves when cleaning out the gutters to keep the hands safe from cuts or scrapes. Homeowners should use a bucket or lawn bag to hold the accumulated mess from the gutters. If homeowners are afraid of heights, or are otherwise unable to safely reach their gutters, they should call their local Columbus roofing experts to clean out the gutters safely and efficiently.

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Once the gutters are cleaned out, homeowners should run hose water down the gutter system to ensure that their slope allows the water to flow smoothly towards the downspouts. The water should come out of the downspouts in an even flow, and most obstructions in the downspouts will be cleared out by the continually running hose water. If the downspouts are still clogged, a plumbing snake can be utilized to push out the obstructions.

The gutters should be checked for any damage. The gutters should not be bent or cracked. Cracked or bent gutters can allow water to spill out over the sides of the house and to soak into the ground near the foundations, which can cause basement flooding. The gutters should be flush against the fascia board, and any segments pulling away need to be nailed back in place. Rotted sections of fascia boards may need to replaced.

Homeowners living in heavily wooded areas may wish to invest in professionally installed gutter guards. Gutter guards are designed to allow rainwater to flow freely into the gutter while preventing leaves and other foreign objects from entering and clogging the gutter. Homeowners should avoid cheap mesh gutter guards found in some stores, as these are difficult to install, do not fit well over most gutters and are generally too lightweight and flimsy to protect the gutters from blockages.

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