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The inclement weather conditions associated with the winter months are often responsible for many of the most common Columbus roofing issues encountered by professionals. Homeowners can prevent or minimize these issues though the use of maintenance strategies that are specifically tailored to the issues commonly caused by snow, ice and freezing temperatures. While some types of damage may have to be handled by a professional roofer, post winter maintenance will reduce the incidence of this type of damage while also ensuring that any minor issues are identified before they worsen.

Most homeowners take care of their home maintenance tasks at the end of each fall. Gutters should be cleared of any debris and the roof should be inspected for any signs that the shingles, flashing, soffit, fascia and other roofing components are not damaged in a way that could lead to a roof leak. Any repairs should be completed before winter sets in, as even the smallest of roof punctures can become a serious leak during heavy snowfall. The attic should also be inspected to ensure ideal ventilation, as insufficient air intake and exhaust can result in costly energy losses while also creating the conditions for damaging ice dam formation.

While homeowners tend to be responsible with regard to winter roof preparation, many unfortunately neglect post winter maintenance and inspection.

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Harsh winter weather often results in issues that require immediate attention, so post winter maintenance is particularly important. Temperature changes may have caused the roofing material to expand and contract in a manner so significant that even the expansion joints could have cracked and disconnected. Shingles that have deteriorated over the winter and are split, broken, curled or loosened should be replaced as soon as possible.

Flashing that is rusty or otherwise damaged should also be repaired or replaced, as a delay in doing so may encourage roof leaks that lead to extensive water damage. The same is true of the vent boots, gutters and any other areas that require a roofing sealant to keep water out. Something as seemingly minor as failing to appropriately address gutter issues can result in serious damage to the foundation, as any water that is not directed away from the foundation can seep into the ground and freeze. Allowing this to happen may cause cracks in the foundation, so it is best to address this issue during the winter if possible. A temporary solution may be used in this instance and then properly repaired during the warmer months of spring.

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