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Columbus Roofing: Article About Points To Consider Before Reroofing

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Reroofing is often an excellent option for many homeowners. Of course, it is important that homeowners understand both the benefits as well as the problems they might encounter with reroofing. Many Columbus roofing contractors offer both reroofing as well as the installation of a new roof after removal of the existing materials.

One important factor to keep in mind is that not all homes are capable of being reroofed. Some common problems, such as a roof deck that is rotting or deteriorating, can make reroofing a poor choice. Other factors, such as old shingles that are missing, torn or curling will not provide the solid foundation on which a new roof can be installed. It is important that homeowners have their roof inspected by a qualified roofing contractor in order to determine whether reroofing is a viable option for their home.

Of course, other important considerations can help a homeowner decide if reroofing is right for them. For example, reroofing is an excellent way to help lower the cost of a new roof installation. Homeowners who are faced with the need for an affordable new roof can often have their home reroofed. However, the savings homeowners will receive is typically only a short term benefit. The costs involved in neglecting to tear off and replace old shingles underneath the reroofing materials could be larger in the long run.

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Reroofing can increase cooling bills. Having multiple layers of shingles on a roof tends to trap heat, causing a home's air conditioning system to consume more energy. In this situation, homeowners will generally see higher monthly energy bills. These higher bills can add up over the lifespan of the roof.

Another factor that needs to be considered is the expected lifespan of a roof. There's no doubt that a new roof is a big investment, so homeowners should consider the cost of their new roof as well as the number of years it will likely be able to provide protection. Oftentimes, reroofing reduces the life expectancy of new shingles. This can result in a homeowner having to pay for a new roof much sooner than they had anticipated.

Reroofing certainly has its place and it is an acceptable roofing alternative. Homeowners who need to save money will find the cost savings beneficial. It can also make sense when a homeowner knows that they will be renovating in a few years or when the homeowner simply wants to put a new roof on their home before they put it up for sale.

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