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Columbus Roofing: Article About Off Season Roofing Installation Considerations

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With spring, summer and fall as extremely busy roofing seasons, homeowners often forgo a project until the next year if there are no available appointments. It is a myth that roofs can't be installed during the winter, even in snow prone regions. When homeowners partner with a reputable Columbus roofing company, a winter project can be completed successfully with just a little more effort and communication between parties.

A key benefit to a winter roof installation is more personalized service. Most companies are relatively slow when it's cold, so homeowners can take advantage of this fact. Design consultations will be in depth, and project turnarounds are typically efficient. Work crews aren't divided because of multiple job sites, allowing almost all available roofers to work on one homeowner's project.

Winter installations require constant communication between homeowners and roofer supervisors. Each day, homeowners should receive a call about weather forecasts. Supervisors provide the work approval for the day or offer a rescheduled appointment when weather improves. Although the project may be delayed slightly, this communication makes the process as stress free as possible.

When a workday is approved, roofers have ample workers ready for the day. They often rotate people on and off the rooftop to maintain a high level of productivity.

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Workers stack, organize and clean the ground area while other roofers complete the installation details across the rooftop. A roof project could be completed much faster with many hands contributing to proper material alignment and shingle fastening.

Homeowners may be concerned about exposing the roof's deck to the winter elements. Although deck plywood is exposed temporarily, roofers don't take all materials off the structure at once. They only remove a small section at a time to keep the roof as protected as possible. If a storm blows in, contractors can quickly cover the exposed area with tarps to reduce any possible damage. Roofers continue to remove and replace material sections, including the ice and water shield, until the entire structure is complete. This strategy makes winter installations simple in almost any weather region.

Even if poor weather is expected through the winter, it's critical to repair or replace a roof as soon as possible. If the roof is truly deteriorating, extensive damages could occur in winter before a spring installation is possible. Taking the effort to work on the roof during the colder months gives the entire structure a new lease on life.

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