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A brand new roof installed by reputable Columbus roofing professionals is an investment that holds up for several decades. This major renovation is a facelift for the exterior, creating curb appeal for potential buyers. When homeowners are looking for additional features to their new roof installation, they must read over the warranty fine print carefully. Certain legal clauses within the new roofing warranty benefit homeowners with stellar selling features when putting the property on the real estate market.

The main warranty clause that must be within the new roof contract is transferable ownership. Homeowners should be able to transfer a roofing warranty to one other owner as a beneficial feature. Homebuyers want this transferable warranty because it protects them from possible financial problems in the near future with high repair costs. These warranties could mean the difference between a sale and no buyers at all. Read over all the transfer stipulations to verify the information is as desired.

There are several acronyms used in roofing warranties, including RC and ACV. Replacement cost is the term homeowners want to see because any major damages are covered completely under this clause.

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Actual cash value warranty clause terms don't usually pay out as much because structural depreciation is calculated with the damages. When homeowners want to sell the home, buyers might be put off by an ACV stipulation.

Any roof warranty is void if the structure isn't cared for properly. Homeowners should make an effort to file all installation and service records at their property for access at any time. Buyers may be wary about purchasing a home, but offering original service and installation documents shows the property is being well cared for on a regular basis. Service history protects all parties with documented information about all issues and features used across a rooftop.

Roofing warranties can have confusing language, but homeowners can sift through this information to find key features. Always look for system coverage instead of shingle warranties. When the roof has a repair problem under warranty, only the shingles are covered in most cases. Homeowners want a system policy because coverage extends to underlayment, fasteners and other associated roofing items.

Before installing the new roof, discuss any questions about the warranty clauses with contractors. These legal documents can't normally be altered, but there could be slight changes added if necessary. Contractors must support their customers' needs along with the material manufacturer's desires to create harmony between vendors and buyers.

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