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There are simple, minor roof repairs that a homeowner may be able to perform themselves. However, working on a roof can be dangerous due to the risk of falls and injury. If a homeowner is not comfortable working on roofs, it is advisable to call a Columbus roofing professional. A roofing contractor can get the roof properly and safely repaired.

Always repair leaks as soon as possible to avoid damage and mold. A homeowner who is experiencing a roof leak can try to diagnose the source of the leak themselves. Water will always flow down due to gravity, so the spot where there is visual evidence of a leak inside of the home will not always be in the exact same area where the roof needs repair. A common source of leaks is a missing or damaged shingle. Shingles can get warped due to exposure to the elements, or damaged from a tree branch that is hanging too low, among other causes.

When a homeowner finds a damaged shingle and decides to repair it themselves, keep in mind that removing a shingle that is hot from sitting in the sun will be much more difficult than removing a shingle that is cool. If the shingle that needs replacement is in full sun, it can be cooled down with cold water.

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Once it's cool, take a metal pry bar to separate the shingle from the roof. Install a new shingle of the same color. The best advice for installation is to follow the manufacturer's instructions for that particular shingle.

If a ridge cap or hip shingle is missing from the top of the house, this may leave the roof vulnerable to penetration by water and snow. This can allow moisture to enter the attic or damage the roof deck. Replacing this type of shingle is more involved than replacing a standard shingle, because shingles that are close to the missing hip or ridge cap shingle will need to be loosened or taken off in order to reinstall the primary missing shingle. Again, it's best to follow the manufacturer's instructions for installing the particular brand of shingle that is being used.

Homeowners should take into consideration that replacing hip or ridge shingles involves working on what is often the highest part of the roof. It's important to always use proper safety equipment to guard against falls and injury. If this is out of the homeowner's comfort zone, they should contact a roofing professional to handle this type of repair work.

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